About us

KASTEL was established in 1991, and it is one of the first companies in Croatia which have specialized in Real Estate business. Since establishment, it is active in all processes on Real Estate market in Croatia.

KASTEL is one of the motivators and co-founders of Real Estate Exchange, founded in 1996; also one of the initiators of passing of Agency in Real Estate Transaction Act and, as of beginnings, active member of Association in Croatian Chamber of Economy, which is actively functioning for over 11 years.

KASTEL has a number of specialist departments in our offices in Zagreb and Split, which can be called upon, in order to provide the relevant knowledge and experts for a given brief.

These professional services include:
  • Sale and rent of properties: Residential, Commerce, Construction plots, Tourism, Investments
  • Consulting
  • Agency in all types of properties
  • Property valuations
  • Development and sale of projects
  • Investment appraisal and property research

Operating in almost all property facets and related sectors, covering agency and professional consultancy advice, KASTEL combines traditional values with a modern dynamic efficient business approach. Through experience, creativity and application of the highest quality standards, KASTEL is committed to maximizing the contribution property makes to our clients' business. KASTEL is involved in most major residential, office and retail development projects in Zagreb area and on the coast and can demonstrate a track record of successful advice to clients in a number of different fields. We act for a number of major institutions and specialized smaller clients who recognize that we have the resources and experience to advice on complicated real estate assets. In the past years KASTEL noted a permanent growth of business in all its activities concerning real estate selling, renting, developing and appraisals. The above mentioned together with its experience and abilities to organize and adapt, makes KASTEL one of the leading agencies in real estate market in Croatia.

General info about company:

Full company name:Kastel-Zagreb društvo sa ograničenom odgovornošću za poslovne usluge i trgovinu
Abbreviated company name:Kastel-Zagreb d.o.o.
Headquarters: Gundulićeva 56
Registered with the Commercial court registry in:Zagreb, 080030561
Transaction accounts: 2360000-1101485708, ZABA
Founding capital: 20.000 kn
Board Members: Krešimir Ljubetić